Slide HONDERDLAND BUSINESSPARK’S ACCESSIBILITY Just how perfect and strategic can a business park location be…?

Is accessibility one of your key aspects when choosing the future location for your company? The Honderdland Businesspark is the perfect strategic location offering high quality strategic connections by road, waterway or air. Optimum logistic solutions for your company; guaranteed!

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The whole of Europe within 24 hours reach of Westland
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driving time to the Stena Line Hoek van Holland-Harwich ferry terminal
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driving time to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
foreign companies are established at Honderdland

Transport by road

The Honderdland Businesspark is located directly adjacent to the A20 motorway: one of the Netherlands’ principal traffic arteries. Locations such as Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam can be reached within twenty minutes via the A20. Close to Rotterdam, the A20 has excellent connections to key arterial roads to other destinations both within the Netherlands and further afield towards Belgium and Germany. The wide and well maintained Dutch motorways ensure fast flowing traffic.

Transport by air

Air freight is also easily facilitated. There is a rapid connection between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Honderdland Businesspark with only a 45 minute drive. At only a twenty minute drive away, Rotterdam The Hague Airport is even closer. Specialist air freight operators can be found at the Honderdland Businesspark or in its immediate vicinity, helping to optimise the efficiency of your logistical processes.

Transport by water

The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s main transhipment hub. For companies who supply products to an international clientele, the location of Honderdland Businesspark is extremely attractive. The Honderdland Businesspark is just a twenty minutes’ drive from the port via the A15 and A20 motorways. Do you do business in the United Kingdom? Hoek van Holland’s port is just a ten minute drive away with a convenient ferry link to the British market.

Investment in infrastructure

Westland local council and the province of South Holland work together continuously to optimise Westland’s already excellent accessibility. The province of South Holland has considerably improved traffic safety and flow within the framework of the ‘3-in-1 project’. This includes the construction of two turbo roundabouts at the entrance to the Westland, expanding the ‘Veilingroute’ and creating a second access road in the direction of Hoek van Holland.

By mid 2018, the current Veilingroute will connect to the N222 and N213 provincial roads; an extensive upgrading which will improve the flow of freight traffic in particular.

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