At the Honderdland Businesspark, each owner of a plot is a member of the Exploitatie Vereniging Honderdland; the Owners Association. The Owners Association is responsible for the management of the Honderdland Businesspark, which breaks down as three core responsibilities: maintaining water and greenery services, signage and security. The Association also supervises the services that keep the terrain tidy, clean and functional.

Maintenance of water and greenery

The Honderdland Businesspark’s green areas and water facilities are the property of the Exploitatie Vereniging Honderdland. Maintenance is carried out by the Owners Association, ensuring that the business park is always representative. It is not only your plot and premises that act as your calling card, but the entire business park which fulfils this presentational role.


Exploitatie Vereniging Honderdland ensures that the park has accurate and clear signage throughout. Partial areas are colour coded and companies can if required be announced on boards.


Security is another key element for Exploitatie Vereniging Honderdland. Complementary to the daily checks performed by a local security company, the entire business park is monitored by CCTV which also includes registration plate recognition. This enables the control room to pick up on any unusual or suspect activity and take immediate action. And if anything does go awry, these facilities will ensure that appropriate action is undertaken.

Established companies

You are in good company. In the first phase of the business park, multiple large organisations settled their companies at Businesspark Honderland. Many of these companies orientate towards agriculture. But Businesspark Honderland also offers a wide variety of high-quality and innovative companies that are interesting to many industrial organisations and other service providers.

Established companies

Benefit from the success of Businesspark Honderland.

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